The Sundial Journal is an independent publication committed to shedding light on unheard stories.

Growing up, we struggled to find a platform where we could freely express our views. We needed somewhere to channel our thoughts and opinions, but the inaccessibility of mainstream media meant that this felt unattainable. 

During the lockdown of Summer 2020 (after eating an obscene amount of banana bread!) we did a lot of thinking. Lockdown, with all its ups and downs, became a time of creation, innovation and exploration, with young people leading the way. A place for young people to be seen, heard and celebrated seemed more important than ever. So, after much planning, The Sundial Journal was born.

Sundial is a place for young people to write honestly on all things, from global news, to what’s trending on Twitter. It is a platform that welcomes young people of all backgrounds and experiences.

Our sections are News (non-mainstream news and local news), Thoughts (opinion-based pieces), Favourites (for Lifestyle reviews), and Gallery (a multimedia section of art, poetry, and other young people’s work).

We are currently a volunteer-led publication, so unfortunately we cannot offer any payment, but this is something we hope to change in the future. If you would like to donate, please email us at sundialjournal@gmail.com  Thank you!