Author: Suganya Lakshmi

Suganya Lakshmi is a writer based out of Bangalore, India where she spends her days working as a Content Manager at a fashion e-commerce company and her nights perfecting complicated yoga asanas or finding healthy (ish) alternatives to her favourite meals. Suganya describes her creative writing as relatable, often drawing from personal experiences to weave a story. She is currently working on her debut poetry collection, Saudade, which explores the theme of human experiences through the vulnerable lens of emotions. You can find her on Instagram as @su_says
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It’s Still A Spice World

Growing up in the ‘90s, girls were told we could be one of two things — a feminine Barbie-playing princess or a football-playing-sneaker-wearing tomboy. There was no middle ground. We were raised on a strong diet of American influenced pop-culture, which emphasised high school hierarchies, boy-girl relationship drama and the notion of equating ‘happily ever after’ to having a boyfriend