Author: Sara Dozai

Sara is a law student at King’s College London. While she loves law and politics, her main passions are writing and fashion, which is why she wants to pursue a career in fashion journalism. On top of this, she is a foreign language enthusiast and speaks 6 languages with varying degrees of proficiency.
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‘Red (taylor’s version)’ made my sad girl fall

‘Sad girl fall’ is my favourite season of the year: muted colours, hot coffee, the smell of chestnuts, leaves falling… All of this adds to a cosy and comfy atmosphere that lasts until Christmas and beyond. The day that sad girl fall officially began for me and my best friend was the 12th of November, also known as the day that Taylor Swift released her album, ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’. 

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Edward Enninful: the new fashion icon

When it comes to fashion, the people with the most outreach (besides models and designers) are surely the editors-in-chief, especially when their names are associated with the timelessness of Vogue. However, when it comes to the general public, only a few names ring a bell in terms of fashion editors. These include American Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and former Italian Vogue head Franca Sozzani. Why is it that no other senior figures at Vogue have been able to build such a global name for themselves? Will Edward Enninful be the new fashion icon when it comes to editor-in-chiefs?