lockdown has changed us – to go our own way

Many of us might be feeling confused by the waves of nostalgia washing over us at the mention of lockdown. We are supposed to hate that time, feel shivers at the sheer memory of it. However, as we tentatively start to go back to “normal”, we might find that the strange time inside has left its mark on us.

How to Actually Ask for Help, According to a Doctor

Earlier in the summer, I wrote about how to actually ask for help when you’re struggling with your mental health, and a letter template to go with it. Building on that, I’ve interviewed Dr Natalie Ashburner (@thementalheathdoctor), an NHS psychiatrist, to ask her for more advice and information about the options your General Practitioner (GP) or doctor offers.

‘Red (taylor’s version)’ made my sad girl fall

‘Sad girl fall’ is my favourite season of the year: muted colours, hot coffee, the smell of chestnuts, leaves falling… All of this adds to a cosy and comfy atmosphere that lasts until Christmas and beyond. The day that sad girl fall officially began for me and my best friend was the 12th of November, also known as the day that Taylor Swift released her album, ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’. 

“So, you’re gay now?”: Discovering bisexuality in your 20s 

I did not formally come out; I just got a girlfriend. Before that, when questioned about my sexuality, I would speak about its fluidity and often brush things off. Perhaps that should have been a telling sign, but it was not an issue at the forefront of my mind, as I was often in relationships with men. It was a side of myself that I could ignore until

‘I need that’ — A Look into the World of High Fashion TwitteR

Twitter has a tendency to make me feel guilty for everything I do. We all know the impact that social media has on fashion, for better or for worse. It allows items to be propelled into the spotlight before the crowd rapidly moves on to another once the allotted five minutes of fame has elapsed.

collective conversation and the need for change: Aja Barber’s ‘Consumed’

The idea of sustainability and how we can work to become more sustainable has captured the attention of the digital sphere in recent years. Social media provides a platform for popular influencers to assert that they are leading the most sustainable lifestyle. As sustainability has become an Instagram trend, it seems we tend to forget the reasons behind why it is necessary in the first place.


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