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‘Red (taylor’s version)’ made my sad girl fall

‘Sad girl fall’ is my favourite season of the year: muted colours, hot coffee, the smell of chestnuts, leaves falling… All of this adds to a cosy and comfy atmosphere that lasts until Christmas and beyond. The day that sad girl fall officially began for me and my best friend was the 12th of November, also known as the day that Taylor Swift released her album, ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’. 

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collective conversation and the need for change: Aja Barber’s ‘Consumed’

The idea of sustainability and how we can work to become more sustainable has captured the attention of the digital sphere in recent years. Social media provides a platform for popular influencers to assert that they are leading the most sustainable lifestyle. As sustainability has become an Instagram trend, it seems we tend to forget the reasons behind why it is necessary in the first place.