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Greenwashing: a tale of deception

The environment is much more important than a PR stunt aimed at economic growth. Greenwashing is a term that you or I may recognise, but is something your grandparents, or even your parents, would not necessarily understand. I never quite realised how deep-rooted this lack of knowledge was until I expressed my concern about greenwashing to my father. He did not recognise the term…neither did my mother. This was particularly perplexing as I do consider both of my parents to be climate literate, or at least I did.

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As Covid-19 rages in Tokyo’s streets- is a ‘State of Emergency’ enough?

On Tokyo’s streets, colorful banners which anticipated the 2020 Olympics still hang on neighborhood street lamps. The quadrennial games have been set back until summer 2021, and Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga expressed, at his conference on Thursday, that preparations are still underway. However, with public skepticism and the potential for cancellation, the banners meant to signal a year of economic and cultural prosperity now serve as ironic reminders of the pandemic’s pressure on Japan’s economic and medical infrastructure.