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Gastronomic idiocy and what it means to be “cultured”

Here I sit, peeling the thick skin off a sweet clementine, suppressing my hunger for the beetroot soup slowly warming up on top of the stove. My mother had asked me a week before: “What would you like for dinner when you arrive?” We both settled on beetroot soup, although my favourite is split bean or plain bean. Soups seem well-fitting for December, especially ones you’ve eaten throughout your childhood, since Christmas time is nearing…

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‘Get Back in the Kitchen’: Can Women Ever Achieve Equality in Commercial Kitchens?

From an age when we can barely stand on our own feet, all of us are directed down a certain way of life according to socially assigned gender roles — a template set by the generations of working men and housewives that came before us. Young girls were presented with tiny kitchen sets, whilst boys were faced with hammers and saws in the not-so-distant past, with no space for either gender to experiment with their identities.

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How to *actually* ask for help when you’re struggling with your mental health: a guide

It all started in January 2021. Whilst drafting an article for The Sundial Journal’s first edition on “The challenges students face with sustainable fashion”, my mental health declined, and I was unable to write the article. I was so frustrated with this relapse and that, of all the days in the year, that it happened when I was actually doing something really cool and exciting. Virtually nobody got through 2020 without experiencing these emotions.