Issue 3, Dec 2021

about the artist

‘ My practice explores the dichotomy between the artificial and the real, with a queer twist. Throughout my life I have found self-expression to be a form of evolution adopted by the LGBTQ+ community, it is this self-identification and level of authenticity that inspires my works. I like to blend physical elements of fine art, be it set making or photography, with digital manipulation techniques such as extreme photoshop editing. The end goal of every piece is to showcase the furthest possible limit of the content included in the image – I want to push boundaries and evoke happiness in queer aesthetics. ‘


 About the artist

‘Camila Lawrence Armas is a 21-year-old, Midlands based interdisciplinary designer. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and a penchant towards mixing media, techniques and practices; Lawrence’s work alludes to the future of art & design seen through an alternative lens which highlights successes, failures and the constant adaptation of creative industries: from the way in which society both relates and interacts with it, to cultural, historical and environmental impacts catalysed by the general public’s relationship with the arts. 

Having constantly been submerged in different creative fields from a young age, Lawrence aims to blur the lines of technicalities and disciplinary boxes which often get enforced onto artists and their work. ‘ 


about the artist

‘My name is Theo O’Sullivan and I am a graphic collage artist based in Leicester. I began creating my collages this summer as a way to stay occupied. I experiment using mixed media, and objects I find interesting, as well as adding my own poetry and prose. I am inspired by lots of various artists and graphic influences, one major inspiration for me is early rave flyers of the late 80s and onwards. I upload my artwork to my instagram account: @rudolfiii. ‘

About the artist

‘A Leicester band breaking out across the UK have just released a new
single called ‘Money 4 Meat’. This song was wrote pre-lockdown in
2019 and was recorded in mid 2021 at Seamus Wong Recording studios.

Released under an indie label called Earwig Records.
‘Money 4 Meat’ is about the exchange of time and effort for money,
how everyone who works is expected to give up a piece of themselves in
exchange for a wage. A critique of late-stage capitalism and the attitudes
of employers towards their staff, this track is oppressive and dark in
tone. The track reaches climax with a huge buildup and riff that is an explosion of frustration from the band.

This song is the final piece of work the band recorded as a two piece in
future the band will be moving forwards as a traditional four piece of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. ‘

Facebook –

Instagram – @earlsband

Stream ‘ Money 4 Meat’ here

about the artist

Manchester based photographer trying to figure out life since 1995.

‘I’ve been trying to find my medium since I was a child, desperate for a way to try and release the whirl of emotions in my head through some form of creative outlet. As a child I constantly had a pencil or a book in my hand, as a teenager I came to understand that, although I enjoyed it, fine art wasn’t my path. Going on to University to study Creative Writing and Literature I thought this is it, what better way to expel the stories I create each night as my head hits the pillow. So I tried writing, believing this would be how to share my views, my stories and my suffering. But once I picked up a camera again, that is when something in me unlocked. I knew that I could create stories through this visual medium, bring characters to life and try to capture raw emotion through an image. I fell deeper and deeper in love with the art of photography, a difficult and grinding path to create the perfect image. Being able to capture a moment in time, the lives and journeys we take on this little planet. That to me, is magic. ‘

Instagram: @ hollyelizabethbt



Issue Two – June ’21

about the artist

Born in 1999, and failing to finish paintings ever since.

I have a shiny BTEC in Art and Design from DeMontfort University, and I’m starting my in BA Fine Art at Loughborough in October. For the in-between bits, I worked as a bookseller for a while, but not very profitable as I bought much of the stock. My latest job is currently a child-wrangler at a secondary school (ask me about Minecraft), herding year 7’s hither and yon, alongside making my art.

Instagram is my most well-tended patch of internet, so if you’d like to see some more of my work, and my two disgruntled cats, I’d love to have you.

About the art

Image 2 – A Bat in France – mixed media

Image 1 – Hats out, Tits out – inspired by  Outsider artist Gaston Duf’s ‘Pâûlîchinêle gânsthêrs vitrês’-he’, but with big fat lines. And boobs. Gouache

Image 4 – YELLOW Nude – one third of a tryptic of nude studies in primary colours. Gouache

Image 5 – You’re Staring – my kitchen table. Unfinished. Gouache

about the artist

My name is Lina Eldaly and I’m a 21 year old digital artist, designer and photographer based in Cambridge/York. I am a completely self-taught artist, with most of my skills resulting from the lockdown in 2020, following an increased reliance on Photoshop and design as a creative outlet during such a difficult time. 

I would say my work is characterised by the use of bold and clashing colours, usually a visual reflection of the emotions that I feel during the time of creation. Most of my work revolves around the Retro-Futurism movement. The 2020 lockdown has forced a lot of creatives to rely on digital forms of art as a way to share and create their work, so throughout my projects I tend to ask myself: how far can we push the boundaries of traditional art and photography through technology? This has translated into the use of AI programming in my work, using AI bots to generate faces (to replace models) or patterns where collaborations could not be possible due to COVID regulations. The use of AI can be seen in my clothing brand XYBER, where AI generated patterns are edited by me to create unique designs that cannot be replicated. 

about the artist

My name is Tilly Edgley and I’m a 20 year old photographer from Norfolk. I have just finished a photography course at the College West Anglia and plan to further my photography studies at Southbank University this September. My work mostly consists of portraiture, and I am largely inspired by alternative music, fashion and culture. I showcase my photography on my Instagram page @tillytookthese and my online portfolio,

ABout the artist

Hi, My name’s Corrine and I’m a digital artist!
I usually edge on the side of spooky with my paintings and I really love to explore the art of capturing feelings both in portraiture and environment pieces. I’ve been very fortunate to have grown up in a creative household so wanting to be creative runs deep in me. You’ll often find me sat in a corner covered in blankets with my iPad painting, if I’m left to my own devices for more than 5 minutes.
My commissions are almost always open so feel free to message me for a quote on my instagram @CorrineVsTheWorld x 

Portrait by Kristen Harding 

About the artist

I’m Ana, born in France, I’m crazy about photography and music, in that order. I moved to Cambridge to study Photography, I’ve now just finished my course and 3 years have gone by. Every day I met more students from different courses and I found myself becoming part of a group with musicians. First year happened, I had photographed bands at The Junction and all over Cambridge. I was lined up to photograph GrassRoof at Big Weekend in 2019 and I was working with Manic Mannequin non stop as their personal photographer.

With the pandemic and still being a student, I was under a lot of pressure to come up with a project I could do without breaking COVID rules. For my final project at Anglia Ruskin University, I produced “The UnOfficial music video for A Grain Of Sand by Silent Dweller” and the emphasis on the word “unofficial” scratches the original meaning of a music video. The video in its entirety is a visual representation of how I respond emotionally and mentally to the song, ‘A Grain Of Sand’. Working on a project which required videography skills, I was stumped and I doubted myself, but now I am confident to promote my videography and video editing skills to work with bands.

@anabinks.jpg (Instagram)

about the art

Image 1 : Greg Kovacs from Manic Mannequin, recording in Cambridge for the ‘Goddess of Plenty’ album in 2019. Digital photograph with illustrations and lyrics.

Image 2 : Harry Marley from Manic Mannequin, recording in Cambridge for the ‘Broken Boy’ music video. Analogue 35mm film photograph.

Image 3 : James Turnbull from GrassRoof, performing on the main stage at Big Weekend 2019. The illustrated version was paid work for GrassRoof upcoming song releases. Digital photograph with song title illustrated on top.

Image 4 : Lucas Hammond from Basement Strippers, performing at The Horn in St Albans in 2020. Experimental cyanotype of a 35mm film negative.

Image 5 : Promo shot for Manic Mannequin in 2019.

Image 6 : Manic Mannequin on the motorway heading for a gig at Bedford Esquires. My first gig with them outside of Cambridge.

About the artist

I’m Gracie! I love all things creative but I have always been drawn to fashion and textiles. I’ve moved around a lot, so inspiration hits me any time; from people, places, music, film, etc. Sustainability is really important to me (as it should be to everyone!) and the fashion industry is renowned for the rejection of this, I hope in the future that it will change, being sustainable involves not just recycled materials but trends and garments too… They can all have a new life and by making small changes we can do this – in a fashionable way of course! 

ABout The Art

Deconstruct Reconstruct ProjectImage 4
Giving a plain white shirt a new look with Shibori Sleeves and Ruff Collar

Victorian Toile Project – Image 5 – Accessorised with cuffs and neck piece using scrap fabric

A Level Final Piece – Surface EmbellishmentsImages 1-3 – Using recycled chambray denim and clock cog parts to embellish the Salvador Dali inspired garment.

issue one – Jan ’21

About the artist

Hi my name is HD and I’m the outgoing president of PhotoSociety! I started photography quite young, saving up my money to buy a used dslr off the internet. I soon found myself carrying that lovely camera everywhere and it quickly became a part of my life.

I love the way that I can capture moments, memories and emotion in a way that the brain cannot. You see, the brain can forget the details, but viewing those images after, reinvigorates those feelings and the rush you get Is like no other. I use my photography to bring those same feelings to others, be that through nostalgia as they see pictures from campus on my Photojournal of UCL (@ucldiary) or a portrait of them as a birthday gift. Photography is an important part of me and I wish to spread the joy to others!



About the artist

Hey! My name is Johara Meyer, and I am currently studying Human Geography with Social Data Science at University College London. As a geography student, people and places and especially people in places fascinate me. Street photography gives me an outlet to document this in all its beauty, impermanence, and oddity.  
Best, Johara

Find Johara on Instagram @whtstheviewlike

About the artist

Holly is currently studying history at UCL, but had a hard time parting with art and theatre design. Therefore, she spends much of her time pretending to be a design student. She also loves fangirling about William Morris to anyone who will listen or getting lost in the V&A.

You can find her @hollyrosemcclenaghan 

Artist Commentary

These gloves are made from scrap fabric from a screen print I made last year for my final major project for art foundation: Syntax Error. Focusing on code, it looked at the relationship between technology and physicality. The print itself was based off a drawing imitating images made by creative coding and then distorted using technology. Through combining traditional drawing styles and technology I wanted the viewer to question how technology impacts them and the relationship between their physical and online life- how much separation is there? Does technology distort reality as it has distorted the drawing? 

I guess the gloves add another layer: do we loose some of our physicality to technology?


Hercy B Enterprises is a fictional AI corporation responsible for creating the Hercy B (The Lovelace Test 2.0 Model). She is a cyborg for sale. She is in her Beta stage of software development. She is a blank canvas for you to choose her purpose. Her form is the human woman and she passed the tests to prove she’s intelligent. She’s a poet, an artist. Hercy B is about to announce their latest product but she has been operating in her Alpha stages and she has been learning. Now, she will be unveiled as the latest advancement in technology that everybody needs to acquire.

For the full ‘Hercy B’ virtual exhibition visit:

Courtney Askey is a Leicester based cross-disciplinary artist, writer, curator, and musician. She is currently undertaking an MA in Fine Art at De Montfort University.

From the artist

You can find Courtney here:




My name is Holly Luff, I am a 17 year old A-level student at Beauchamp College in Leicester.

Art has always been the one subject where i feel truly comfortable and can produce work that i feel proud of. I enjoy painting and working hard whilst listening to music or a podcast as this allows me to be consumed by creativity. I feel optimistic for the future, and I intend to continue making art and pushing myself to achieve goals that i never would have believed to be attainable to me.

I’m hoping to go to university to study interior design, but i’d like to keep my love for painting always close by. 

About the artist

Hello, I’m Patch Johnson.

I’m a media & globalisation graduate, born in Lowestoft, Suffolk. I spend my weeks sifting through my passions of making music, painting, playing football, exploring nature, skating and seeing my friends & family. These things make up my foundation of joy in this world.

I paint because it makes me happy, I paint when I feel lost or sad, I paint when I feel inspired and I paint when I want nothing more than to feel cosy and content for a few hours. I think it’s the closest thing to lucid dreaming. I’m meditating, focussing, improvising, calmly discussing life with myself, flowing with the music in my ears, escaping to a sanctuary of free thought and doing exactly what I feel, when I feel like it.
Without it, 2020 would’ve been a much scarier place.

About the artist

Hey I’m Mars, an eighteen year old student originally from Leicester but currently living on the internet. i live for youth culture and the night so I tend to base most of my art on the feeling of being a kid, while the world is falling apart.
I’m currently working on a photozine called MAIN CHARACTER based around the last 5 years of my life, and what it has been like to come of age in the late 10’s and The covid 20s. 


MAYA IS 19 and currently at UCL studying French with Management Studies. Although SHE SAYS SHE IS not a very creative person, KIRLEW HAS been interested in photography from a young age.
‘When I was 14, I got my first camera as a Christmas present from my parents, and since then I have been taking photos wherever I go. I try to keep my horizons broad in regards to what I take photos of, but I am most interested in capturing nature, especially capturing colour within nature.’

RIGHT – Flower Boy : ‘Shot some time during the summer last year, at Hitchin Lavender, which is a farm in Hertfordshire. It’s about 45 minutes from London, with lavender fields, sunflower fields, poppy fields and pumpkin patches. During the summer, the lavender fields and sunflower fields are full of colour. You pay to enter and you are allowed to cut as much lavender as you like to take home. You can also pay extra to take some sunflowers home. It’s one of my favourite places to go in the summer! The boy in the picture is my brother, Josh. 2019, Hitchin. Shot on Sony A6000.’

About the artist
Oskar is a Chemistry student at UCL. Coming from a creative family, Soulas has long been exposed to various forms of art, whether it was in galleries or in the home.
‘Despite owning a camera, I typically use my iPhone for its portability and given progress in phone cameras, I’d like to think the choice doesn’t give up too much in image quality.’
First: Below the tracks – AUg 2017, Iphone 7

Second: Sunset Swim – Cadaques, AUg 2018, Iphone x
ThirD: Mosh Pit – Reading Festival, 2017, Iphone 7