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Gastronomic idiocy and what it means to be “cultured”

Here I sit, peeling the thick skin off a sweet clementine, suppressing my hunger for the beetroot soup slowly warming up on top of the stove. My mother had asked me a week before: “What would you like for dinner when you arrive?” We both settled on beetroot soup, although my favourite is split bean or plain bean. Soups seem well-fitting for December, especially ones you’ve eaten throughout your childhood, since Christmas time is nearing…

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This pandemic’s shown we’re all tough cookies

In 2018, New York Times food reporter Julia Moskin wrote an article on ‘procrastibaking’: the process of baking something completely unnecessary in order to avoid doing any ‘actual’ work. Unknowingly, Moskin had described a phenomenon that would sweep the nation two years later when the world came to a grinding halt as a result of a largely unprecedented global pandemic.