Meet The Team


Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Roni is currently studying English and French at UCL. She is particularly interested in global conflicts and the way different cultures interact. Mostly though, she spends her time acting, directing and baking way too many cakes! Follow her bakes on @ronimacaroniiii on Instagram or for more serious journalism, @roni_mevorach on Twitter.

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Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Deepali is an English Literature undergraduate at UCL. She’s typically drawn to analytical articles that delve into political, cultural and social issues. When Deepali’s not frantically learning lines for an upcoming theatre production, she can be found browsing the poetry section of London’s bookstores, experimenting with vegan recipes in her kitchen, or braving the chilly waters of Hampstead Heath’s ponds. You can find her on Twitter @deepalirose_ and Instagram @deepali.rose.

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Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Anushna is currently studying Law at Cardiff University. As such, she is particularly interested in the legal, political and philosophical effects and influences on societal concepts. When she’s not crying about her immense workload, Anushna can be found attempting to romanticise her life by studying in cafés, making stir fry, or trying (in vain) to read ‘Anna Karenina’ for the tenth time. You can find her on Twitter @anushnatyagi

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News Editor

Vivian Iroanya is a journalism undergraduate at the University of Sheffield. She is particularly interested in politics, social issues, social justice, and race. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Netflix and taking pictures. You can find her on Twitter @vivian_iroanya.

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Thoughts Editor

Nahal Sheikh is a journalist based in Amsterdam. She covers stories at the intersections of culture, art, social change and digitalisation. While doing her MA in New Media & Digital Culture at University of Amsterdam, she experiments with digital collage illustrations and is a curator of the Lahore Digital Arts Festival. You can find her on Instagram @nahalsheikh and Twitter @nahalsheikh6.

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Thoughts Editor

Evianne Suen is an International Journalism MA student at City, University of London. She writes and reads voraciously about Hong Kong, where she calls home, as well as human rights and protests around the world. When she’s not advocating for mask-wearing, she’s making TikToks or dressing like a Euphoria character. Her inbox on Twitter and Instagram is open to anything and everything, as @eviannesuen.

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Favourites Editor

Rachael Davis works as a local news reporter in London. She’s interested in writing about lifestyle, fashion, music, culture and politics. In her spare time she’s either out exploring the city, on a run around an East London park or kicking back with a decent book and a good album. Follow her on Twitter @_rachaelbdavis, or on Instagram @dazednreviewed for book reviews!

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Favourites Editor

Flora Pick studies English at the University of Bristol. When she’s not doing that she’s writing about music, or otherwise arguing with unsuspecting individuals about music. She also enjoys being angry about politics and hanging out with her chickens. You can find her on Twitter @floraposting.

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Sub-editor (all sections)

Shayeza Walid studies Comparative Literature at University College London. She is a student journalist at Pi Media and a development researcher currently working for Breteau Foundation. Previously having worked for the set up of The Global Development Common under UNICEF, and conducting research at the MIT Media Lab, she is a committed child and refugee rights advocate. In her free time, she is an avid cinephile, theatre nerd and loves to read fiction, cook and sing.

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Gallery Editor

Greta Kaur-Taylor is a Leicester based loud, brown creative. She is passionate about photography, art, the music scene, film and literature. She is currently working on her first short film project and has just joined the BFI Academy. When she’s not behind a camera, Greta loves to read and have a boogie. Somehow, she manages to balance all of this whilst also advocating for better mental health services and running her own business. You can find her at @gretaktaylor on instagram.

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Head of Social Media

Originally from the North of France, Flore Morant studies History and Politics of the Americas at UCL and is currently on a year abroad in Washington DC. When she’s not highly questioning her degree, she can be seen (and heard) attempting to learn how to paint, buying books that she doesn’t always read and making way too many stupid jokes. Instagram: @erolflore_


Head of Design

Lorelei is an English Literature undergraduate at UCL. She is Australian originally, but grew up all over the place (specifically Scotland and Singapore). When she’s not designing things for The Sundial Journal, she can be found listening to Bob Dylan, designing sets, crocheting earrings and making her own clothes. Follow her creative stuff @girlroom.designs on Instagram.